Large English Garden Hanging Baskets- 2 Sizes

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The English Garden hanging planter baskets are handcrafted from flat bar steel - an extremely durable material that outlasts cheaply made wire frame and plastic construction. We powder coat the metal in a silky matte black that complements most decor themes and keeps rust at bay.

  • Heavy duty chain and install hook included
  • Coco Liner included
  • Powder coated finish- rust resistant

How to Use Hanging Baskets in Your Yard

There are a number of ways you can install this product in your yard. Some opt to hang planters from nearby tree branches or pergola beams, but most choose a bracket method of some type. In addition to making the English Garden baskets we also manufacture hanging basket brackets for walls, poles, and railings. This allows you to garden virtually anywhere! Place a decorative lamp post in your front yard and pair it with our One-Way Scroll Arm Lamp Post Bracket for a dramatic display, or use our Simple Arch Wall Mount Bracket for a more subdued, contemporary look. Be sure to check out our matching window boxes and wall planters for a cohesive look throughout your property. Shop hanging baskets online in 12" to 22" diameter sizes.

  • 18" Diameter x 9" Height Basket
  • 22" Diameter x 9.5" Height Basket


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