Those green hitchhikers

I know what you're thinking, "Weeds! How can I have weeds in a container garden?!" Weeds can grow anywhere - that's why they're weeds. Most weeds in container gardens come from the potting soil that's used. If you're using soil from someone's backyard, then you'll end up with the same weeds that grew in that yard. But even if you are using sterile, soil-less potting mix from a bag -- you may end up with weeds. Seeds are constantly being blown by the wind, carried by birds and insects, brought home by children. They are everywhere. (What's a mother to do!)

The wonderful thing about growing in containers is that weeding is far less of a chore than with backyard gardening. If you can tell the difference between the weed and the plant that you're actually trying to grow - pull up the weed when it is small. If you're scared that what you think might be a weed is actually your plant - wait until it gets big enough for you to be sure, then use scissors to cut it at the base so you don't disturb the roots of the other plants.

To avoid the seeds from last year's plants becoming this year's weeds, throw away the soil when you replant the pot, and thoroughly clean out and sterilize your containers.