Modern Fiberglass Rectangle Planters

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Our Modern planters are a popular choice for their clean style that fits seamlessly into any design theme. As multi-functional as they are attractive, these planters are a refined way to add greenery both indoors and out while at the same time dividing spaces, creating privacy, and edging borders around patios, pool areas, terraces, balconies, rooftop decks, and other areas.

Outdoors, our fiberglass planters with an automotive grade finish are able to "weather" all the seasons including harsh summers and freezing winters. The finish provided on the planter helps to prevent wear and discoloration from the sun's harmful UV rays, and of course rain, snow and sleet.

All of our fiberglass planters come with a drainage option-- which helps keep plants and soil healthy, and also the structure of the fiberglass planter in tact and crack free. 


Compared to stone, concrete, ceramic and terracotta planters, fiberglass plant pots are incredibly lightweight. The fiberglass fibers and resin at the right consistency create a planter structure that is easy to move even in extra large dimensions.


When low maintenance is required, fiberglass planters are the key. A simple hosing off and occassional wipe down help keep these planters looking their best through the seasons.


Materials other than fiberglass are known to corrode and change when left outdoors and having to endure constant watering and moisture.  But fiberglass planters are made to last- they can withstand inclement weather, foot traffic, UV rays and more while offering an attractive foundation to plant designs.