Parada Railing Planter

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Elevate your outdoor ambiance with the Parada Railing Planter, a seamless blend of style and functionality. Crafted with premium materials and innovative design, this planter box promises to enhance your gardening experience.

The Parada Railing Planter features a unique double-wall construction, meticulously molded from high-quality polyethylene plastic with UV inhibitors. This ensures exceptional fade resistance, allowing you to showcase vibrant blooms without worrying about color deterioration from sun exposure.

Designed for effortless installation, the planter comes complete with durable powder-coated bracketry, offering options for wood 2x4 or 2x6 railings, as well as rounded railings up to 2.75" in diameter. Say goodbye to complex setups – simply attach the brackets, and you're ready to beautify your space.

A standout feature of the Parada Railing Planter is its concealed irrigation chamber, storing excess water below the planting area for plants to draw moisture as needed. This innovative design promotes healthy growth while reducing the need for frequent watering, saving you time and effort.

Available in three stunning colors, the Parada Railing Planter offers versatility and customization to complement your outdoor decor. Choose the perfect hue to create a striking contrast or seamlessly blend with your surroundings.

Backed by a 15-year warranty for residential use and a 5-year warranty for commercial use, this planter provides added peace of mind. Plus, proudly made in the USA, it supports local craftsmanship and quality.

Upgrade your outdoor space with the Parada Railing Planter – the ultimate fusion of style, functionality, and durability for your gardening needs.