Provincial Vinyl Railing Planter Kit

$208.97 - $530.97
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Design timeless East Coast charm to your outdoor space with the Provincial Vinyl Railing Planter Kit. Crafted from durable vinyl that mirrors the look of wood, this planter combines aesthetics with longevity effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Appearance: Crafted from 100% polyethylene with built-in UV inhibitors, this planter resembles a classic wood window box without the maintenance. Its graceful design elevates any outdoor setting, whether mounted on a fence, wall, or gate.

  • Sub-Irrigation System: Equipped with a sub-irrigation water system, this planter encourages robust root growth, ensuring your plants thrive with minimal upkeep.

  • Versatile Mounting Options: Select from a range of brackets to securely attach the planter to 2x4 or 2x6 wood railings, as well as rounded railings up to 2.75" in diameter, catering to various railing types.

  • Easy Assembly: The kit includes all necessary components and simple assembly instructions, enabling you to assemble the planter in just 15 minutes. Glue the panels together to create a sturdy and visually appealing final product.

  • Customizable Fit: Panels are easily cut to achieve a custom fit for your windows, seamlessly integrating with your outdoor decor.

  • Generous Capacity: With size options ranging from 24" to 84" in length, the planter accommodates different plant sizes and quantities. Soil capacity varies from 5 to 22 gallons, providing ample space for your favorite flowers, herbs, or vegetables.

  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 15-year limited warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer's confidence in the product's quality and durability.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the Provincial Vinyl Railing Planter Kit, where elegance meets functionality for effortless gardening enjoyment.

Soil capacity: 24" = 5 gal, 36" = 8.5 gal, 48" = 12 gal, 60" = 15 gal, 72" = 18 gal, 84" = 22 gal. Inside dimensions are (Length-6.75") x 7.5"W x 8.4"D.