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Meticulously crafted using a distinctive fusion of fiberglass and aggregate, the Zaragoza Fiberstone Low Bowl exudes remarkable durability. Despite its resemblance to concrete or stone, this bowl surprises with its lightweight nature, courtesy of its innovative Fiberstone composition.

Designed to withstand the most unforgiving weather conditions, this bowl guarantees resilience over time, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor display without compromising its integrity.  To foster healthy plant growth, the thoughtful inclusion of a drainage hole ensures efficient water drainage, preventing excess moisture accumulation.  

Elevate your space with the Zaragoza Fiberstone Low Bowl, an extraordinary blend of artistic craftsmanship and functional elegance, certain to leave a lasting impression.

  • 18" dia x 5.5" or 24" dia x 6.5"
  • Choose 2 hand-applied finishes: Chenza or Zinc