UV Outdoor Rated 23" Olive Branch

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Extend an olive branch to your planter displays- an Outdoor Rated 23" Olive Branch that is.   Olive trees and branches are coveted for their silvery green color and long narrow leaves.    This olive branch comes with UV protection, so it will not fade in the sun and is weather resistant.   Olive Branches are a great addition to a planter or window box where some texture and color are needed, or add these branches along a table top or patio bar for a sophisticated look.   Each branch comes replete with 62 green leaves, and measures 23" in length.   The bare stem measures 7" of that 23" length.   Width is approximately 8-10" depending on how you fluff the branch.

Outdoor Rated Olive Branch 23" Length including 7" stem, approximately 8-10" in width, 62 leaves. 

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