UV Outdoor Rated 8" Aeonium- 2 Colors

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If you've held off on getting fake outdoor succulents because you thought they'd look...well, fake, then allow us to change your mind. These artificial aeonium plants have the same brilliant look as the real thing, but without all the maintenance, weather restrictions, and worry about withered foliage. You never have to water, prune, or clean up after these succulents, but they still have the look and feel of actual aeonium succulents. Place them in your yard, flower pots, or planters and enjoy their striking shape and color. You'll never have to worry about them outgrowing the space you choose, and they're UV treated to prevent fading and other weather damage when used outdoors.


8" Aeonium Plant
9" Width
3.5" Stem
Bare Stem

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