UV Outdoor Rated Poinsettia

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Introducing our stunning Artificial Outdoor Rated Poinsettia, meticulously designed to bring the spirit of the holiday season to your outdoor spaces. Crafted from UV-rated plastic, this exquisite poinsettia is specially made for outdoor use, ensuring its vibrant beauty lasts for many festive seasons to come.

Measuring 18 inches tall with an approximate width of 22 inches, this lifelike poinsettia features 15 leaves and 5 enchanting flowers. Please note that the decorative pot is sold separately, allowing you the freedom to personalize your display. Our poinsettias are shipped with a 4" bare stem, enabling you to effortlessly "plant" them in your favorite container, whether it be a planter, hanging basket, or window box.

The poinsettia holds a cherished place as a traditional symbol of the holiday season, with a history dating back nearly two centuries. Discovered by Joel Roberts Poinsett, the US Ambassador to Mexico at the time, this captivating plant quickly gained popularity for its vibrant red flowers and dark green leaves. Our polyblend style poinsettias pay homage to this rich heritage and are designed to withstand outdoor conditions with their UV protection.