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Wooden Planters

Fill a landscape with wood planters and distribute delightful arrangements of flowers and plants. At Windowbox, we supply wooden planter boxes, barrels and tapered containers to suit a range of tastes. For contemporary or classic architecture, you can't go wrong. Wooden planters are truly timeless.

From rustic Whiskey Barrel wooden planters to the refined look of the Lattice Redwood Planter Boxes, this assortment of products has a lot to offer gardeners, landscapers and homeowners. Each item is outdoor rated for durable use. And these charming containers can also make their home in interior sunrooms or three-season porches. Just place, plant and enjoy fresh, vibrant decor!

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Incorporate the natural beauty of wooden planters into your landscape and garden. To add container planting to your repertoire, wooden planter boxes and barrels are an effortless addition to make. They easily fit into the organic aesthetic of outdoor settings and are durable for exterior use. Choose a style, fill with your favorite plants, and enjoy wood planters that overflow with exquisite beauty.

Wooden Planters for Natural Curb Appeal

Wood planters are an always-present demand for landscaping and gardening. They incorporate elements of nature into lovely containers that go on to foster more life. The assortment of wooden planters and planter benches above includes styles that complement traditional, contemporary and transitional - or non-specific - architecture. Even the simple addition of two wooden planter boxes on a front stoop will work wonders for curb appeal.

Each of the high-quality planters featured here is an outdoor-rated product. Containers can also be utilized as interior accents or fun indoor storage solutions. For example, the Cedar Half Whiskey Barrel style can be a fun piece of interior decor to double as a beach towel holder at a lake or coastal home. Wood planters also feel right at home on three-season porches or in a sunroom. Alongside teak or wicker furniture they bring about an air of natural beauty.

Containers for All!

Explore different wooden planter boxes, barrels and tapered towers above by clicking on individual products. Materials, planter dimensions, and applicable liner pairings are detailed in each product description. Many of the wooden planters we supply come with pre-fit liner inserts. Some type of liner is highly recommended for all wood planters to protect the material from excessive moisture that can cause premature deterioration. With the correct care wooden container gardens will last for many a lovely season.

At WindowBox, check out a variety of outdoor planters online including container gardening solutions for:

  • Large or oversized plantings
  • Long or custom redwood or deck boxes
  • Planters that look great in groupings
  • Balconies and small-space gardening

These containers are great for all of your favorite planting projects. Flowers, herbs, greens, vines, small shrubs and multi-plant arrangements will all thrive in our wooden planters.

Overall, choosing wood materials for container gardening translates to a fresh, functional and natural home accent - sounds lovely, doesn't it?