Outdoor Rated Artificial Cypress

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Enjoy a carefree accent plant for patios and porches with the 32" Outdoor Rated Artificial Cypress. Measuring 37"H and approximately 12"W, this faux cypress is a nice size for display on front porch steps or in an outdoor plant stand. Quality-grade construction captures the beauty of this conifer in faux form. And, of course, fake cypress mirrors the longevity that this plant is known to have in nature. Add its rich green foliage to a deck, patio or porch, displaying in a simple terra cotta pot or a regal urn planter (not included). To view suggested planting containers, please use the drop-down menu above. Outdoor artificial cypress is priced for the plant only and ships un-potted. Small Cypress - 12" Width - Green

Enhance outdoor living space with the elegant 41" Outdoor Rated Artificial Cypress. This quality-grade faux shrub has the trademark wispiness of cypress in a rich, green color. And all materials are outdoor-rated for lifelike and lasting use. Artificial cypress shrubs measuring 43"H spread out to approximately 16"W depending on display. Pot in the simple beauty of terra cotta, or choose a sophisticated urn planter for a Greek-inspired look. Outdoor artificial cypress is priced for the plant only and ships un-potted. Planters and pots are available for separate purchase.

Enjoy a tall shrub inspired by Ancient Greece with the 56" Outdoor Artificial Cypress Plant. Just as in nature, this faux cypress shrub features the conifer's characteristic wispy foliage in a deep green hue. And a robust, natural trunk makes for effortless display. Artificial cypress shrubs are a wonderful addition to home or office exteriors, and this tall fake plant can easily be displayed on top of hardscape surfaces like a patio. Outdoor fake cypress is priced for the plant only; pots and planters are available for separate purchase. 

32" Cypress 23" Foliage Height 8" Stem ~ 12" Width
41" Cypress 31" Foliage Height 10" Stem ~ 16" Width
56" Cypress 44" Foliage Height 12" Stem ~ 19" Width

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