4pk of 3in.Long x 1/4in.Dia. Lag Bolts

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For use in mounting Iron, Tapered Iron, Hayrack or Aluminum Boxes to homes with stucco, wood, shake, hardyboard or vinyl (with wood studs behind).  Use 4 bolts for mounting boxes 24"-36" in length and 6-8 bolts for longer boxes. All metal window box cages have a two strip metal design running along the back of the box.   This allows for lining up of bolts to the studs behind the wall, it gives you flexibility.  Pre-drill holes through siding and into a wood stud behind. Then simply insert bolts through holes in cage and secure with socket wrench to wall.  Washers on bolt heads are not needed nor included.

Comes in a pack of 8.

Lead Time:
Ships in 2-3 Business Days