Arch Railing Planter

$294.00 - $661.00
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Rugged Steel Artistry: The Arch Railing Planter is a product of painstaking steel craftsmanship, ensuring unwavering strength and endurance. Every inch of this planter is meticulously powder-coated in a timeless black finish, bestowing an exquisite touch to your outdoor decor.

Liner Selections: Tailor your planter with one of four liner options:

  1. White PVC Liner (1/2" thick): A sleek and contemporary choice that imparts a fresh, modern appeal.
  2. Oil Rubbed Bronze Metal Liner: Exudes a sense of timeless elegance with its deep, rich finish.
  3. Black Galvanized Metal Liner: A stylish and classic selection that harmonizes effortlessly with any setting.
  4. Real Copper Liner: The epitome of rust resistance, this liner develops a unique silvery-green patina over time, enhancing its allure.
  5. No Liner option: Incorporate your 8" diameter pots for a chic European aesthetic.

Rail Compatibility: The Arch Railing Planter arrives with a versatile set of hardware designed to fit a wide array of railings, including:

  • Square metal railings ranging from 1" to 2" in width.
  • Wooden railings of varying sizes, encompassing 2x4, 2x6, and 2x8 dimensions.
  • Round railings with diameters up to 2.5".

Elevate your outdoor space with this adaptable planter, infusing charm, character, and a dash of nature into otherwise mundane surroundings. The Arch Railing Planter seamlessly combines craftsmanship, durability, and style to create an arresting and enduring statement in your outdoor area.

Dimensions: 9"W x 9"H, with an additional 1" in length for liner fitment on all sizes.