Get Ready for Spring with These Curb Appeal Favorites

Feb 14th 2024

Get Ready for Spring with These Curb Appeal Favorites

For many of us, spring can’t come fast enough! But unfortunately, our curb appeal may still be suffering from the winter blues. Here’s how to give your front porch and entryway a spring cleaning with  fresh garden décor and planters fit for the sunny season. 

Planters Full of Fresh Greenery 

It’s that favorite time for garden lovers everywhere! But you don’t have to be an avid gardener or a green thumb to make the most of this season. The good news is that, in many places, spring is the season with just enough sun, but not too much to scorch outdoor plants. Entering the milder season of spring after a harsh winter makes you want to celebrate the greenery around you, and what better place than on your front doorstep? 

Even if you live in a small house, apartment, or condo, you can still make the most of your outdoor space with a  planter or two. In fact, simply adding some greenery to your front porch, doorway, or footpath adds instant color and texture. And a container garden made up of one or more planters boosts your curb appeal without much effort. Here are some to try: 

Laguna Footed Deck Planter 

Made to look like painted wood, yet built from durable composite PVC, this sophisticated planter is a gorgeous backdrop for vibrant greenery and bright spring blossoms. 

Cube Planters

Have you always wanted to start an herb garden? Now’s the time—and the perfect place for it are these  cube-shaped planters, which are compact enough to fit perfectly on your kitchen windowsill. Plus, they come with a built-in irrigation system so your herbs will thrive with just the right amount of moisture at their roots.

Window Boxes That Celebrate Spring 

There’s a reason why window boxes have been used since ancient Rome—not only are they a great space-saving place to grow your favorite herbs and vegetables, but they are also a way to spruce up your home’s exterior without a lot of effort. Which window boxes are our spring favorites? Well, if we had to choose: 

Prestige Window Box 

This architectural window box has classic beveling details and a streamlined shape, making it a traditional favorite. And since it comes with a built-in sub-irrigation system, you’ll never have to worry about wilting flowers ruining your spring displays. With just the right moisture getting to your plant’s roots, they’ll maintain optimal soil health without fear of root rot. 

Hay Rack Window Boxes 

Our Hay Racks are among our favorites because of their country appeal, and the fact that their coconut coir liners retain water and help regulate soil moisture. The  English Garden Hayrack Window Basket brings the bucolic English countryside to your front porch, with a simple beauty that stuns in spring, and all year round. While the  Parisian Half Moon Wall Planter is the ultimate showstopper, with its intricate scrollwork and dimensional design crafted to turn heads. 

Wrought Iron Window Boxes / Railing Planters 

wrought iron window box

Whether you are going for a minimalist look or a bit of an Old-World vibe, our wrought iron window boxes come in a variety of designs. Take, for example, the clean lines of the Simple Elegance Railing Planter, with its geometric style. The Arched Tapered Railing Planter is a bit more European in feel, adding visual interest to windows and fence and deck railings with its tapered, arch design. 

Hanging Baskets Filled with Blooms 

hanging basket

Did you know that hanging baskets are not just beautiful—they’re also practical? True, they bring the color and vibrancy of spring flowers to eye level for you and your guests. But they are also great privacy screens and noise cancellers. Hang them right, and they help block out a nosy neighbor or noisy street. Sick of looking at an eye sore, like an electrical box or a dirt lot? Hang a hanging basket or two so you don’t have to see it. Looking to sell your home? Your real estate agent will tell you: hanging baskets in your front entryway will help seal the deal. 

English Garden Hanging Baskets 

These gorgeous hanging planters have a simple, country charm that’s further enhanced by their durable, rust-resistant construction. 

Fiberglass Hanging Baskets 

These hanging baskets boast a more modern, streamlined silhouette and smooth finish. Made with built-to-last fiberglass construction, these planters hold up beautifully even in the harshest weather. 

Spring Planting Tips to Try 

  • The “thriller, filler, spiller” approach for container gardens. This approach uses three plants—a “thriller” showstopper, a “filler” low-growing greenery plant, and a “spiller” that cascades out of the planter—to create a balanced look.  
  • Select plants with the same sun and water requirements. When sharing a container, your plants are like roommates: the more similar their needs, the better they’ll get along and grow. When choosing plants for spring planters, plant sun plants with sun, shade plants with shade, etc. And check that their water needs are compatible too: you don’t want to drown a plant that requires little water or underwater a plant that thrives in moist soil. 

Get Ready for Spring! 

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