How to Use Window Boxes as Thanksgiving Table Décor

Nov 17th 2023

How to Use Window Boxes as Thanksgiving Table Décor

Move over cornucopias, there’s a new fall favorite for your Thanksgiving centerpiece: the window box. We’ll show you how to create gorgeous tabletop décor fit for turkey season with these versatile planter boxes. Because who says window boxes can only live outdoors?

Play Around with Your Décor

Don’t be shy—centerpieces are supposed to stand out. So get creative mixing and matching your favorite seasonal pieces—both natural and otherwise. Some elements to try: dried leaves, gourds, candles, ribbons, live or cut flowers, pine cones, acorns, and more.

Go Faux, Dried, or Cut with Plants

You can place a properly planted window box—soil and all—in the middle of your dining table, but it might not be the best idea. Depending on the size of the window box, between the added weight of the soil and water, you’ll figure out quickly that it’s best to leave live plants for your windows.

Instead, fill your window box with dried, cut, and faux flowers and greenery to really punch up your Thanksgiving tablescape. This way you get the look without the mess (picture at Thanksgiving dinner: a soggy tablecloth and surprised guests as water drains from your just-watered window box).Wrought Iron window Boxes

Our wrought iron window boxes have a gorgeous scrollwork design, and are perfect for placing terra cotta pots (without drainage holes!) and/or mason jars full of freshly cut mums, hydrangeas, dahlias, herbs, sunflowers, and so much more. 

Of course, you can always go faux with your plants and flowers too. We have a full line of lifelike artificial plants for you to style on your holiday table.

Use Unexpected Elements of the Season

Sure, gourds and mini pumpkins are great Thanksgiving décor staples, but there’s more to the season. Fill your window boxes with other seasonal fruits and vegetables that boast beautiful hues. What about artichokes, apples, grapes, pears, cauliflower (white or purple), green beans, cranberries, figs, and brussel sprouts? Play around with a few of them to find the color combination you like, and go from there.

Don’t want to buy a ton of produce to go to waste? No problem. Fill your window box centerpiece half full with the filling of your choice, and place a placemat or folded tablecloth on top of the filling. Then arrange your fruit/veg display on top of the cloth so that you don’t see it underneath—it’ll look chockfull of your favorite fresh fall fare!

Make a Modern Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Want to elevate your Thanksgiving table to a magazine-ready spread? If you’re less about tradition and more about aesthetic, we get it. Try a Modern Window Box in either white or black, and build a monochromatic or minimalist centerpiece for your turkey day.

Fill your black Modern Window Box with some eucalyptus, pine cones, and sprigs of fern. A white Modern Window Box makes saturated colors pop, so break out your satin jewel-toned pumpkins and flowers like the bold purple African daisy, the deep-red Natal dahlia, or the rich burgundy aeonium.

Go From Farm to (Thanksgiving) Table

Wood Window Boxes

Looking for something a bit more rustic? You might try a wood window box with a bit of artificial English Ivy and some flameless hurricane candles. If farmhouse is more your décor vibe, then consider a Modern Farmhouse Window Box. These fiberglass window boxes, especially the Reclaimed Cherry and Hickory versions, have the look of real wood, but are actually made from moisture-resistant fiberglass. To finish off this look, fill your farmhouse planter with ornamental grass or pussy willows, and pair it with natural elements like linen napkins and tablecloths and earth-toned candles.

Create A Vision of Tabletop Elegance

If you’re more of a glamour lover, then your Thanksgiving tablescape should reflect that. For those that love all that glitters, we recommend our shiny Real 2-in-1 Copper Window Box/Liner. Talk about a showstopper! Crafted from real copper, this beautiful window box can go from your Thanksgiving table straight to your windows after the season is over, for eye- (and sun-) catching curb appeal.

Though you can fill your Real Copper Window Box with just about anything, the truth is, it may upstage certain elements. Bold green and chartreuse plants are ideal. Amber and white fairy lights, gold plate chargers, and metallic accents are also excellent additions. And if you’re looking to add an accent color, turquoise, light blue, gold, white, and dusty pink are all natural complements to copper.

When Thanksgiving Dinner is Over

No need to pack those window boxes away for next year—take them right out to your front windows, garden, or yard for some winter curb appeal. If you live in a temperate region, plant your favorite winter flowers, herbs, or even vegetables in them. Most of our window boxes are made to withstand the elements in any climate without warping, fading, or being damaged, so you can expect to enjoy them season after season.

Need help? Read our step-by-step Window Box Installation guide.

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