Composting Bins & Countertop Composting Bins

The secret to a beautiful garden is nutrient-rich soil. When it comes to healthy soil, you've already got the goods: kitchen scraps and yard trimmings. Our kitchen compost bins and garden composters are compact and easy to use and are designed to produce a continuous supply of compost. Ready to start composting? Our Compost Buying Guide will help you find the perfect kitchen compost bins or garden composters for your waste and your space. After choosing a composter, use the guidelines in our Beginner's Guide to Composting to get started!

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The Fine Art of Composting

If you are not sure how to compost, you can easily get started by purchasing a composit bin on the smaller size. After getting the swing of things, upgrade to larger and outdoor composters. Depending on how much container gardening you do or how big the ground space is that requires nutrient replenishment, we have several compost bin sizes and styles to choose from. For smaller spaces or just as a transfer unit, select a kitchen compost bin that functions conveniently as a handy countertop compost bin. For larger areas of soil to replenish, we have backyard composters, including a compost barrel. If you choose to use bokashi compost tea bins, we recommend you still invest in an additional compost bin to add the tea to, as part of the natural composting 101 basics.

Varieties of Compost Bins

From our basic stainless steel kitchen countertop composter, to the Bokashi Countertop Kitchen Composter, to Composting tumblers and spinners, we've got you covered in the composting department. We even carry a modified Cedar Garden Composting Bin which, when worms are added, speed up the fermentation process for your container or raised bed gardening. In addition, with the Bokashi tea from your kitchen composter, organic material can be reproduced more quickly, depending on how much "food waste" you produce.

We recommend you choose the composter that is the most compatible with your lifestyle and space you have available to allocate to it. For instance, if you only have a small above ground garden area, using a kitchen countertop compost bin might be all you require. Even if you have a large yard with multiple garden containers, complete with a need for a lot of compost, you may want to select both a kitchen countertop compost bin for handy depositing before transferring outside to the Cedar Compost Bin or the Spinner or Tumbler models.

Composting Helpers

Along with selecting one of our sturdy and effective compost bins, we encourage you to browse our organic fertilizer section for additional soil enrichment aids. Liquid organic plant food, worm casting fertilizer, coconut coir blocks, live redworms, and other materials provide an important boost to an container or raised bed gardening, adding vital nutrients to the soil that would otherwise leach out due to frequent watering.