English Garden Hanging Baskets

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Whether you are nurseryman of the year, or still nursing your green thumb these baskets will display your favorite plants with simplistic beauty. Hanging baskets offer versatility in the presentation of your favorite flora allowing you to place it where you can enjoy it from your window or while you are working in your garden. These elegant flat steel wall planters include a heavy black chain that will support a variety of plants.

Add elegance to your container gardening with the English Garden Basket, hand-crafted from steel and powder-coated in black. This robust planting basket is rust resistant and visually sharp. Complete with a fitted coco-coir liner it arrives ready to be planted and displayed.  On a patio, deck or amidst garden beds, these different sized garden baskets will make any home look ripe with elegance.

12" Diameter x 5"Ht
14" Diameter x 6"Ht
16" Diameter x 8"Ht

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