"Bowl" Hanging Basket Water Reservoir

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Find out the ultimate green thumb secret with our Hanging Basket Planter Reservoir Bowl.   The reservoir nestles down at the bottom of either of our 18" or 22" hanging basket, and your plants roots do all the work; wicking nourishing water at the right time and the right amount.   You just fill up the reservoir every 1-2 weeks depending on the weather, and your plants will thank you with beautiful growth and blooms.   

Each of our two sizes of reservoirs were designed to fit perfectly into the bottom of our hanging baskets, and are manufactured by creating a large plastic bowl with a lid that is aerated so that roots can uptake the water as necessary.   Comes with a pvc fill tube that inserts into the reservoir making it easier to fill as necessary.   While this has an upfront cost... just think of the money you will save by having plants thrive and bloom instead of wilting and withering away from not enough moisture.   Also a great way to "automatically" water your hanging baskets when you are out of town. 

  • 18" Planter Reservoir holds approximately 5 quarts of water
  • 22" Planter Reservoir holds approximately 6 quarts of water
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