Heavy Duty Poly-Pro Window Box Liners 3 Colors

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Poly-Pro (polypropylene) Heavy Duty Plastic Liners are an inexpensive way to line your window boxes. These green, white or black window box liners are plastic and feature very durable construction, lasting for several seasons, and are the expert gardener's choice. Because they're watertight, you can use them indoors; for outdoor use, it's easy to add drainage holes to the bottom by piercing the pre-scored drainage circles.

Use Poly-Pro Liners as:

  • Window Box or Planter Liners
  • Seed Starters
  • Indoor Planters - Do not knock out drainage holes
  • Outdoor Planters - Drainage use recommended to aerate root systems, encouraging growth.

Each of our window box liners is Made in USA. These value-priced liners are an ideal way to start seedlings indoors and easily move them outside when the time is right. Available in green, white or black, these lightweight plastic window box liners remain one of our most popular items year over year.

Lead Time:
Ships in 3-4 Business Days