Outdoor Bougainvillea Bundles for Hanging Baskets (DIY)

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DIY project-flowers come loose packed, ready to mount in CUSTOMER PROVIDED FOAM inside typically sized hanging baskets.

These are recommendations on how many bougainvillea can fit in hanging baskets.

The dramatic look of flowering Bougainvillea can be yours all year long with our UV protected poly-blend flowering vines. The delicate flower and vibrant green leaves have been reproduced in UV protected material that is resistant to the sun's rays and inclement weather. For hanging baskets, each bougainvillea vine measures approximately 36" in length, and are approximately 12-16" wide depending upon how you display them. Each UV-protected Bougainvillea has approximately 18 flower clusters, and over 170 leaves. This do-it-yourself project does not include any installation or mounting parts. We recommend installing the stems into floral foam, plaster of Paris, pea-gravel, or soil.