Outdoor Morning Glory Bundles for Hanging Baskets (DIY)

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DIY project-flowers come loose packed, ready to mount in CUSTOMER PROVIDED FOAM inside typically sized hanging baskets.

These are recommendations on how many morning glory stems can fit in hanging baskets.

You don't have to give up your garden when the weather turns cold. Our faux outdoor rated morning glory plants are made to last season after season, offering you all the beauty you love - only it isn't at the mercy of the weather. These outdoor artificial flowers look like just like real morning glories, a favorite among gardeners and enthusiasts alike. Their petals and flowing vine-like tendrils add a delicate touch to any home. It's an instant boost to your homes patio or other outdoor area. Made from UV resistant materials, these artificial flowers are designed with outdoor use in mind and will resist fading and other weather damage. In fact, unlike real morning glories, you won' thave to plant these in direct sun or avoid areas with damaging winds or heavy rain.

Maintenance Free Aesthetics

One thing most customers love about outdoor artificial plants is the fact that they don't require the maintenance and constant attention that real flowers do. You're free to go on vacation or on business trips without worrying over your plants. Or, just take a break from the rigors of daily gardening for awhile - like during the late fall and winter months. They don't have to be watered, prune, or cut back to avoid outgrowing your container. The beauty you see is what you'll enjoy day after day. Just add soil, arrange plants to reflect the look you want, and enjoy.

This do-it-yourself project does not include any installation or mounting parts. We recommend installing the stems into floral foam, plaster of Paris, pea-gravel, or soil.

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