UV Outdoor Rated 40" Flowering Rhododendron

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Bring new life to a lackluster deck, patio, or planter space with our eye-catching faux rhododendrons. These outdoor rated artificial plants are just the thing to add a pop of color and a unique natural touch to dull and uninspired spaces. These maintenance-free plants are great for:

Planters flanking front door

Patio Planters

Window Boxes and Hanging Baskets

Add decorative beauty to your outdoor space without the hassle of messy plant maintenance, or the cost of planting year after year. Each artificial plant is made with a strong UV protected metal wire core, allowing you to arrange the rhododendron to your own unique application.  This rhododendron is 40" in length. and has 11 flower clusters.   30" approximate width. with an 8" stem.

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Ships in 2-3 weeks