UV Outdoor Rated Azalea Bushes and Vines

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Showcase the beauty of azaleas without the demands of live plant care using 34" outdoor rated artificial vines and 18" bushes from Windowbox.com. Inspired by the well-loved flowering shrub, our artificial azalea vines form a lovely cascade over the edge of a window box, hanging basket or large outdoor planter. Available with red, white and pink blooms or a green bud style, our artificial azaleas have built in fade-resistant UV protection. This feature helps these fake plants to imitate their live counterparts and add a lifelike boost to your exterior architecture and landscaping.

Perfect for hard to reach second story window boxes or tucked away planters that are hard to water, these vibrant artificial vines are easily incorporated into a variety of placements. In keeping with the natural shift in seasons, planters can change out the green bud artificial vine with flowering varieties during the spring blooming period. Whatever your planned design, our durable and lifelike artificial azalea vines will make a bright addition to your exterior.

All artificial plants are shipped un-potted in vine form.

Embellish exteriors with outdoor artificial plants and shrubs free of maintenance requirements. Azaleas make a lovely accent on commercial patios, front porches, storefronts and more. And this artificial version is a smart pick in tough climates, poorly lit areas, and in applications where the lower the maintenance, the better.

Outdoor artificial plants and shrubs are:

  • Made of commercial-grade plastics
  • Wire-reinforced to enable bending
  • Tonally diverse for a rich, lifelike green
  • Shapely and lush to simulate real azalea
  • Great for properties with no landscaper on staff
  • Designed with 8 stalks for max fullness
  • Great in window boxes or flower pots

Looking for outdoor azalea plants with flowers? We also feature shrubs and vines online with a choice of cream, pink or red blooms. Add elegance and appeal to balcony rail planters, window boxes, patio containers and landscaped beds using Outdoor Artificial Azalea Bushes with classic colorful flowers. No need to tend to container watering daily, or high maintenance plants that require trimming and fertilizing.

We recommend buying approximately 1 plant per foot of window box or planter (24"L boxes could take 2 or 3 plants, depending on desired fullness). These artificial window box plants can be adjusted after installation using the metal frame built into each branch, giving you full design control of your container garden. Stage your home for sale or add lasting beauty to your front porch or patio in just minutes!

Whether you are decorating your front porch or balcony planters, there are a number of ways you can install them:

  • Set in Plaster of Paris
  • Set in high density foam
  • Secure plants using floral wire
  • Direct burial in dirt (containers or flowerbeds)

Faux flowers are great for people who are busy, work or travel often, or for those who are still fine tuning their green thumb. Create maintenance-free floral displays that bring beauty to your daily life and to your community.

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