Automatic Watering Systems

Streamline plant care with self watering systems for pots and planters. With a drip watering system, plants and flowers can self-sustain for days, even weeks, without any manual care. Just program an automatic watering system for plants that thrive without all the hands on maintenance.

An automatic watering system for plants can be purchased with or without a timer system. Sophisticated setups like the Oasis self watering systems are able to run on 10,20, 30 and 40-day programs that adjust at the turn of a dial. Other drip watering system options include kits with valves, adapters and drippers, and an option to purchase with or without a variable timer.

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Self Watering Systems for Plants

Set up an automatic watering system for plants and never let an absent mind, or busy schedule, get the best of your flowers! The ease and convenience of self watering systems draws many gardeners to these types of solutions. Busy growers marvel at how easy it is to install a drip watering system that will have their houseplants and container gardens drinking steadily for days - even weeks - at a time.

To demonstrate just how essential self watering systems can be to planting success, allow us to paint a picture: At some point in our lives, we've all owned a dead plant that sat in the corner of the living room for months. Intentions are always good when trying to incorporate plants into decor, but the execution takes time and attention. That's where an automatic watering system for plants can change the game. Some automatic watering systems only need to be filled once or twice a month and allow your favorite arrangements to drink to their health, as they please.

Away on business often? Sophisticated self watering systems like the Oasis can keep up to 20 pots watered for up to 40 days. Do you manage to water your houseplants at least every 2-3 weeks? You may be the perfect candidate for an indoor drip watering system that requires a little manual touch. Just hook up to a faucet, adjust the pressure and calibrate irrigation to your plants' liking.

Choose an automatic watering system for indoor houseplants or outdoor flower arrangements. Window boxes and outdoor planters that are near a water source are prime candidates for calibration on self-drip watering system. Incorporating these tools makes it easier on the gardener and is also a cushion for times when an absent mind gets the best of us. Self watering systems for houseplants are also a great way to keep the flow of H20 consistent, thereby fostering healthy growth.

Click on automatic, self and drip watering systems above for more details on individual products. Most make a great indoor self watering system for houseplants, and some are also effective for exterior use. Please call toll free for questions.