White Galvanized 2-in-1 Metal Tapered Window Box or Liner

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Product introduction: Keep it light and bright with our Galvanized Window Box in White Powder-Coat Finish. With its straightforward, subtly tapered design in a clean, white finish, this window box offers a fresh look that acts as the perfect backdrop to leafy greens and bold blooms. And the sturdy metal construction means you won’t have to worry about weather damage.

Features & Benefits
• Crafted from durable galvanized metal
• Powder-coated inside and out for weather- and rust-resistance
• Clean design complements most home exteriors
• Use as window box, planter, or planter liner
• Available in standard or custom sizes
• Due to handcrafted nature measurements may fluctuate  +/- .5"
Optional 8" Wall brackets accommodate the taper of the window box: the top is wider than the bottom width and these 8 inches allows us to center the window box to keep it stable.

Sizes  Length x 8" Width x 7.5" Height

Drainage Holes? Yes.

Each galvanized metal planter box is well suited to window, wall or railing applications. For installation on its own, a shelf bracket to match the largest width measurement is advisable. Used in conjunction with a wrought iron cage, galvanized window box liners simply slip in and out of the frame.

These window boxes can be mounted using our 8ʺ Window Box Shelf Brackets. Please advise that 1 pair of brackets may be used for window boxes up to 48ʺ and that 2 pairs of brackets are highly recommended to support the length and weight of window boxes larger than 48ʺ.

Lead Time:
Ships in 2-3 Weeks