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Window Box Liners

Window Box Liners allow you to pre-plant your flower boxes and rotate plants as the seasons change. Most homeowners choose to replace or upgrade their flower box liners annually and we offer replacement options including plastic, coconut liners for window boxes, liners made from durable cellular PVC, and galvanized metal liners for window box cages. Planter box liners extend the life and upgrade the look of your boxes. Windowbox.com also offers a wide selection of coco coir liners made of real coconut husks for our Hayrack window baskets and round hanging baskets alike. Use coconut liners to help retain moisture and keep your containers looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

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Numerous Window Box Liners Offer Options Galore

Rotating plants seasonally provides the ability to change foliage in your window box to reflect the season. And what better way to achieve this than by using planter liners that let you accomplish three things in the process:

  1. You can pre-plant new blooms so they will be ready to load into your existing flower box
  2. Flower box liners are lighter and easier to maneuver even when filled
  3. They also preserve the life of your window box over time.

Even if you do not swap out plant life seasonally, we recommend you replace window box liners annually to extend the life of your window box.

Material Types for Window Box Liners

We offer a large selection of liners including mossmat liners, heavy duty poly-pro plastic liners, cellular PVC window box liners, galvanized metal liners, vinyl planter inserts, and more. We even have coconut liners, or coco coir liners, comprised of authentic coconut husks, designed to be used in our Hayrack window baskets. And naturally, our wrought iron window box cages can showcase stylish metal window box liners in a wide variety of colors that will enhance any home's curb appeal.

Beautiful Finish Options

Whether tapered or rectangular, the extensive selection in our inventory provides a multitude of finishes to choose from. Examples include a smooth or textured powder coated finish, 100% real copper window boxes, a galvanized powder coated oil rubbed finish, as well as other options we have available. Color choices for metal window box liners include silver tone, bronze tone, and copper tone, white, black, and an infinite number of custom colors.

Window Box Liner Inserts that Fit Just Right

In addition, we have many standard planter liner sizes available to complete any of window box sizes, ranging from a compact twenty-four inches to an ample seventy-two inches, and beyond. If you don't see the size or shape you need to protect your flower box, contact our specialists to discuss custom options. No job is too large or small. Plus, with an infinite number of colors available, we can match the shade and hue to compliment any special project or to enhance existing decor of your home's exterior. Call today to speak to one of our design specialists.