Basswood Self Watering Window Box

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Introducing our Basswood self-watering wall planter boxes, the perfect solution for hassle-free outdoor container gardening. Experience the ease and convenience of tending to your plants with these modern planter boxes, which effortlessly mount on any flat surface. No window or ledge required! Transform your decks, porches, or balconies into vibrant havens with the optional railing brackets, or upgrade your bare walls or fences with a touch of chic modernity. With the included self-watering system, each Basswood vinyl planter ensures the ultimate gardening ease.

The Basswood window box planter embodies versatility in both function and aesthetics, making it a seamless fit for any architectural style or lifestyle. Available in natural Slate gray or bright white, this rectangular vinyl planter complements any modern decor effortlessly. Its sleek silhouette exudes modernity at first glance, while its simplicity makes it compatible with various decorative styles. In addition to its adaptability, these practical planters offer greater gardening flexibility. Each planter box features a removable liner, allowing you to start or maintain your plants directly on the ground or potting bench. Simply place the liner in the pre-installed box, enabling easy plant transfers or indoor storage during winter.

By embracing the self-watering system, you not only save time but also conserve precious natural resources. These innovative window planters store enough water in the lower reservoir to keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks. The convenient water indicator alerts you when it's time for a refill, making them ideal for hard-to-reach areas like second-story windows. Perfect for busy gardeners who prioritize convenience, these planters minimize the need for constant plant upkeep while ensuring flourishing greenery. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional gardening and embrace the effortless beauty of our Basswood self-watering wall planter.