Too cold right now to think about Spring? Think again!

Spring Container Gardening Planting Guide

Too cold right now to think about Spring? Think again!

Too cold right now to think about Spring? Think again! Sieze this indoors time to start your container garden off right.


Spring is just around the corner, which means now is the time to start thinking about your garden. With limited gardening space or experience, it can be intimidating to plan or know when to plant a garden. Container gardening is a great alternative to traditional spring gardening because it provides all of the same plants and produce but uses less space and resources. has everything you need in one place to get you started on your perfect container garden.

Still cold where you live? No problem.

First, you’ll want to plan where your container garden will go. Do you have an outdoor balcony space or a spacious window that gets lots of natural light? The beauty of container gardens is that they can go just about anywhere if you plant the right things. Look for an outside or inside area with maximum natural light and ventilation. After choosing your garden space, pick the plants and containers you will use. Container garden plants come in all varieties-choose plants that will work well in your climate. has a wide variety of basic containers in a variety or styles and sizes. Choose a planter that will accommodate your plants at their peak size and that has enough depth for the roots to comfortably grow. For beginning gardeners, self-watering pots like these urban growers can provide your plants with the water they need without you constantly having to remember to water them yourself. An option for plants that require warmer conditions is a compact greenhouse that provides your plants with optimal growing conditions no matter the season.

Big or small-space gardening tools for success.

Shop big or small-space gardening tools for success online.

Plant Care and Supplies

Help your plants grow by caring for them daily. Some container plants require more maintenance than others-this can be determined by looking at the plant tag or planting guide to see how much sunlight and water each plant requires. Use a basic set of gardening tools like this 3-piece set to keep the soil supple and the plants pruned to the right size and shape. For a little extra help, try using soil amendments as an organic way to help your plants thrive without using harsh chemicals. Popular soil amendments include coconut coir fiber, which mixes with soil during planting to provide a natural fertilizer that is free from fungus or disease and that can encourage your plants to drain and bloom at their best potential. Another great option is pumice stone, which breaks into pieces and never leaves your soil unlike other fertilizers. Pumice stone regulates the soil and keeps your plants growing out their best without the pesky smell of traditional fertilizer.

No matter the size of your container garden or the depth of your gardening knowledge, can help you create the container garden of your dreams. Whether you’re shopping at home with some know-how or working with us for a little helping hand, our products cover all types of gardens and can turn your winter dreams into a beautiful springtime reality.

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