Wall-Mount Window Box Brackets

Make your gorgeous plants stand out even more with the help of decorative window box brackets or stunning plant stands. When you're looking to create a place of beauty and serenity with your garden, packaging means a lot. Whether you choose to highlight the beauty of your flowers in a window box or a plant caddy, there's a variety of styles available. We offer window box mounting brackets for walls, railings, fences, and patios.

For planters that require extra support, browse the selection of window box brackets. If you're just looking to enhance the appearance of your flower box, consider faux window box brackets or a planter hanger with decorative scrollwork. Plant stands and plant caddies also do a wonderful job of dressing up your plants on the ground.

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Regardless of which option you choose, you know that your plants will look extra amazing with these accessories. If you garden needs the extra edge to stand out, consider adding window box brackets or a plant caddy to the d├ęcor. It's easy to provide the right accents to your garden with decorative wall brackets for window boxes or planters resting in their new plant caddies. Windowbox.com has several options for wall brackets, including supportive and faux varieties that are just for looks. For plants that require an extra lift, these wall mount windowbox brackets are perfect! The wall brackets are available in both ornate designs that you'll want to show off and simple options that are purely practical. Create a decorative garden with the scroll designed window box brackets that your neighbors will be jealous of. If you've got a porch or deck railing that could use some floral decoration, take a peek at the selection of deck railing brackets too! These simple window box brackets are perfect for showcasing your flowers and make it easier to maintain the plants without having to bend over. Plant caddies are a wonderful choice for someone who finds themselves having to lift and rearrange heavy plants. With these decorative options for plant stands, not only will your plants look lovely but you'll save the strain on your back from trying to maneuver the bulky plants. Don't forget to order mounting bolts with your window box wall brackets. Windowbox.com sells a variety to match your home's siding and needs. For more information, please call us toll free at 888-427-3362.