Potting Benches and Tables

Set up efficient gardening stations with our pretty outdoor potting benches. Each garden potting table offers:

  • A level work surface
  • Outdoor durability
  • Attractive storage

A garden potting table makes a great work space for transplanting, arranging and pruning in small containers. And gardening with an outdoor potting bench means less strain on the back and knees. Many outdoor potting benches also have extra storage below the worktop for easy keeping of hand tools, small batches of fertilizers, garden gloves, flower pots and more. The ideal way to keep gardening efficient and make the most of your outdoor space. Plus, a garden potting table can come in a range of styles and durable materials like cedar wood and vinyl. Buy patio planters online or give a call for product guidance.

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Raise the level of gardening with a work bench for potting, arranging, pruning and more. This attractive assortment of garden potting tables combines raw utility and visual appeal to create a truly wonderful work space. Buy patio planters and choose from styles made of wood or vinyl to match your patio design.

Ease, Comfort & Style

Perhaps the best thing about an outdoor potting bench is how it enhances and simplifies the garden experience all at once. On a patio, porch or even right out in the yard, work benches provide a level surface upon which to work and a pleasing addition to the environment. These garden potting tables are made out of durable outdoor materials like rot-resistant cedar wood and maintenance-free vinyl.

Adding a garden potting table to outdoor spaces also helps to increase comfort when working with small to medium plants and containers. Forget kneeling out in the yard or struggling to bend and hunch over makeshift work spaces. Outdoor potting benches are made to increase a gardener's comfort while working from a smart, standing position. Increased ease means you can spend more hours perfecting those gorgeous spring flower arrangements!

Multi-Functional Gardening

A work bench also doubles as storage where gardeners can lay out hand tools, soil bags, pots and other materials neatly. And some work bench styles feature separate drawers and lower racks to keep the tabletop clear of clutter. When not in use for potting, trimming and playing in the dirt, garden tables are also easy to dress up with a little botanical arrangement of their own for instant deck and patio sprucing.

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