Outdoor Azalea Bush Bundles for Hanging Baskets (DIY)

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DIY project-flowers come loose packed, ready to mount in CUSTOMER PROVIDED FOAM inside typically sized hanging baskets.

These are recommendations on how many Azaleas can fit in hanging baskets.

Benefits of Outdoor Flower Arrangements

The perks of having flowers and greenery displayed in varied locations outside your home are virtually too many to name. Do it Yourself Arrangements displayed in attractive planters and hanging baskets create a tailored and more "put together" look for your home, while flowers planted strategically in the ground along porches or throughout garden areas can add to this effect, or even add a more "wild and carefree" appearance. They'll add curb appeal in an aesthetically pleasing and highly economical way, allowing you to save money without sacrificing the striking good looks you crave. Not much of a gardener? You don't have to be with hanging artificial flowers. These aren't the "cheap-o" plastic looking artificial plants you remember. They have a realistic appearance that will fool even seasoned gardeners.

Artificial Flowers for Lower Maintenance.  Gardening isn't easy, especially in containers. Growing beautiful flowers in hanging baskets and similarly sized planters is a test of endurance and skill in many cases. However, these artificial flowers won't require that level of commitment, but you'll still get the look. You won't have to worry about watering them or pruning away dead leaves. Additionally, they can be placed in shaded areas where real plants would flounder. Since they're UV treated, you'll also find they're fade resistant in order to maintain their attractive appearance over time. The average customer will get years of function and style.