UV Outdoor Rated Azalea Vine Bundles for Hanging Baskets (DIY)

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DIY project-flowers come loose packed, ready to mount in CUSTOMER PROVIDED FOAM inside typically sized hanging baskets.

These are recommendations on how many Azalea Vines can fit in hanging baskets.

Swap in artificial azaleas for low-maintenance hanging baskets with this Azalea Flower Bundle. Designed specifically to fit either an 18" or 22" large hanging basket, each "recipe" or "bundle" includes 7 or 9 faux azalea vines measuring 34"L and 1 azalea bush to create height in the center. Lifelike artificial greenery and fake flowers are made from quality poly-blend materials with built in UV resistance. Fade resistant flowering plants will last for multiple seasons while keeping their vibrant look. Choose a flower color in pink, red, cream or a mix. Artificial azaleas are priced for the plants only and mounting materials are not included. Purchase an outdoor-rated floral foam or use plaster of Paris to keep fake plants in place for a lifelike display.</p>