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Hanging Baskets

Allow your flowering plants to showcase their beautiful colors more easily by adding a hanging basket to your outdoor decor. Create a visually diverse garden by incorporating a few hanging baskets in wrought iron or vinyl to your porch for a simple yet gorgeous look. Hanging flower baskets are also wonderful for giving your plant plenty of room to stretch its vines without the confinement of a small pot or the worry of it becoming tangled with your other plants. With a variety of sizes available, finding the perfect size hanging basket for your gardening needs is simple! Add hanging basket brackets to suspend the plants in style.

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Heavenly Hanging Baskets, Hanging Basket Brackets, Liners & Bowls

Hanging baskets and bowls are a great way to add easy and affordable diversity to your garden. With a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from, these hanging planters and hanging flower baskets will add beauty and character to any environment in which they are placed. Plus, with our extensive inventory of hanging basket brackets, you will be able to find just the right combination of function and beauty that showcases all your hanging flower baskets and hanging ceramic bowls.

Ranging in size from twelve to twenty-two inches, select a hanging planter basket that best compliments your existing ambiance and decor. They create an elegant yet simple look and feel with their black flat steel frames as backdrop. In addition, we carry a number of cone shaped hanging baskets, as well as round or oblong flat bottomed baskets with chains. These last baskets will add a natural eco-friendly aspect to any area of your yard or interior space.

What’s more, if you already possess a hanging planter frame and need replacement liners, we carry numerous options in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. From mossmat to coco noir to a protective fiberglass insert, you will have no trouble finding the exact replacement liner to keep your hanging baskets and planters looking crisp as the day you bought it.

Gardening Newbies Welcome

If you are a newcomer to the hanging planter basket world, liners have many benefits besides their natural attractiveness. Mossmat and coco liners hold water in the liner so plants do not become dehydrated. Yet, they prevent saturation that leads to root rot in the process. They do this by wicking water away from roots, letting them draw moisture as they need it. This not only keeps plants healthier, it decreases the frequency of watering that is required. Additionally, we carry an eighteen inch reservoir, or water well, that extends time between watering even longer.

Brackets only add to hanging baskets and planter charm. Check out our half dozen styles to find the shape and angle of these graceful iron hanging basket brackets. They are powder coated to eliminate moisture damage or rust, while holding your hanging flower baskets reliably.