Outdoor Artificial Plants and Flowers

Outdoor artificial plants and flowers are a durable alternative to common silk plants, which are sometimes referred to as "fake flowers" or "fake outdoor plants". By setting them outdoors, you achieve the beautiful look of full foliage without the extra effort of real plants. Unlike our high-quality industrial grade polyethylene blend plants and artificial bushes, faux flowers and shrubs sold by most businesses are really silk artificial flowers that will fade in a short time when exposed to the sun and elements. Outdoor artificial trees and plants are an amazing alternative in any environment, indoors or out, but is an absolute necessity in locations where regular watering and plant care are difficult or impossible. Browse our collection of artificial outdoor plants and flowers below and shop plants online today!

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Outdoor Plants and Flowers: A Maintenance Free Alternative

Outdoor plastic plants and flowers provide a rich alternative to live foliage. With so many plant varieties to choose from, you can easily match color schemes that enhance your home or building's exterior too. We carry a massive selection of gorgeous botanicals to choose from: dozens of flowers perfect for front porch decor ideas to small decorative trees. Just imagine filling your window boxes with vibrantly colored azaleas. Or 'plant' a fake geranium bush, gardenia, or hibiscus in one of our patio planters. Leaves on trees and fake shrubs also stay crisp and verdant. Outdoor rated fake plants are ideal for using in hard-to-reach places such as second story window boxes. They eliminate watering, trimming or replanting. Our collection of fabricated plants and flowers are the perfect solution for small-space gardeners looking to spruce up balconies, beautify windowsill planters, and much more.

Better Than Silk Plants

Our PolyBlend synthetic plastic bushes, flowers and plants are better than silk plants given the material we use in our manufacturing process. We use the highest quality industrial grade polyethylene blend which outlasts any silk product on the market today. All leaves and floral structures are affixed securely to sturdy wire frames which further ensures durability. Plus, this bendable construction allows you to mix and match a variety of foliage to create a beautiful natural-looking window box or planter. Added to these performance-enhancing materials is the UV protection that ensures all our outdoor plants and flowers have long usage times as they are protected from sun and rain, wind and snow--unlike silk which fades quickly. And if your goal is to use decorative plants to hide unsightly blemishes on walls, we make foliage mats densely woven to accomplish this goal. Choose between boxwood or azalea varieties or mix them together.

Customization Always an Option

With the dozens of trailing vines, flowers, trees and shrubs to choose from we are confident you will find what you're looking for. If you would like a certain density, arrangement, or configuration, we offer full customization for foliage mats and DIY arrangements for window boxes based on popular designs. For additional information on products and customization opportunities, please give us a call today at 888-427-3362 to speak with one of our design specialists.