Living Wall Systems

Turn any wall into a lush vertical garden with these easy-to-use living wall systems. A green wall system transforms indoor and outdoor surfaces, covering them with plants, flowers, and even succulents. offers options for small projects and more ambitious ones. Buy one living wall planter to create a window of natural beauty, or use a modular system to cover an entire wall with plants. Either way, it's easy to do it yourself. Take advantage of accessories like drip irrigation tubing, which simplify your living wall systems' maintenance.

Browse below to find the perfect living wall planter for your home or garden. Whether you want to add some plant life to your living room or cover a fence in your back yard, there's a green wall system for you.

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Enjoy vibrant, organic art by displaying green wall systems along interior or exterior walls. Living wall planters are an innovative way to decorate while incorporating plant life at the same time. Simply mount, add plants, and transform dull wall spaces into a canvas for cheerful green plants, succulents and flowers.

Living wall systems are made up of planting cells arranged at a 45-degree angle. This makes a stable holder for soil and roots, allowing each green wall system to support a variety of different flower and plant species. Behind each angled cell, a specialized moisture mat distributes water evenly throughout the wall planter - from side to side and top to bottom.

Each of our living wall planters is made from polyethylene that is UV-resistant. This quality allows living wall systems to be used outside without degrading in the sunlight. Our customers find a great deal of success with this planting technique on both exteriors and interiors. In cold climates, green wall systems will feel particularly refreshing during winter months when outdoor plant life is sparse. Revive interior designs by adding this innovative houseplant to a living room, bedroom or dining room wall.

Planting a green wall system is easy with the combination of angled planting cells and a smart watering system. Kits come standard with watering tanks at the top of the planter. Just pour water into the tank and liquid will slowly drip down into the roots below. The moisture mat will hold water in longer, allowing roots to drink. For large living wall systems, a drip kit is recommended to encourage consistent nourishment. This is also a lower maintenance method to sustain vertical gardens.

Create living wall systems as an interior design accent, or display them along patio walls, fences and gazebos. This method of planting allows homeowners to utilize wall space anywhere, outside or inside, as a canvas for vivid living colors, textures and shapes. Use a single living wall planter in a foyer alcove, or combine them to make a green wall system that makes a statement on large living room and great room walls.

Each living wall planter comes with a water tank and wall mount bracket. Drip kits and other accessories sold separately.