Indoor Living Wall Kit with Traditional Frame

Indoor Living Wall Kit with Traditional Frame


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Product Description

Trade in those boring paintings for a unique three-dimensional work of art with our indoor living wall kit. With an elegant traditional frame, this hanging garden is the perfect accent for any type of décor.

  • Frame measures 16" wide x 24" high x 5" deep
  • Planter panel measures 8" wide x 18" high x 4" deep
  • Polymer planter holds 10 plants
  • Classic wooden frame is available in white, cherry, or dark brown
  • Plant irrigation system top watering tank, moisture mat, and lower collection tank
  • Includes wall-mount bracket

Product Overview

Frame your living wall garden like the work of art that it is with this indoor living wall kit. Beautifully bordered in a classic wooden frame, your thriving hanging garden will bring new life to any dull and uninspired space in your home or business. A breathtaking alternative to boring framed two-dimensional prints, each living wall garden is a completely unique work of three-dimensional art that is constantly growing and changing. Both a lovely conversation piece and a way to provide fresh herbs, flowers and greenery right at your fingertips, this living wall kit is just the thing you need to add that touch of natural beauty your home has been needing. It also makes a one-of-a-kind gift for weddings, housewarmings, and graduations.

Imagine innumerous colors and textures spilling forth from within a tastefully elegant wooden frame, just like a floral painting that has come to life. With this indoor living wall planter kit, you favorite succulents, tropicals, ferns, and even herbs and vegetables can find new life on that unused vertical space in your home. Each kit contains everything you need to get started- just add plants! A durable polymer planter panel holds 10 plants in individual cells placed at a 45-degree angle. To keep your plants healthy and happy- not to mention keeping you walls and floor clean and spot-free- we've added a handy irrigation system to keep water completely contained. Simply pour it in the top, allow it to trickle down to every plant via the back moisture mat, and collect excess in the bottom reserve tank.

In its traditional wooden frame this green wall is the perfect match for any type of décor from country to contemporary. Choose from one of three gleaming wood colors- including white, cherry, and dark brown- to perfectly match your interior décor.

Additional Information

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Ships In 2-3 Business Days
Product Dimensions 16"W x 5"D x 24"H

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